Hey, I’m Ellen. 
You can typically find me playing freeze dance, supervising spin-art, or building magna-tile castles with my three young daughters. When I somehow get a moment to myself, I’m drawing, creating pottery, writing, or wandering through nature. Some day I’ll have time to play video games or read books for adults again (maybe).
Career-wise, my jobs have always been art-centered, kid-centered, or a combination of the two. After college, I made junk mail as a graphic designer and it was consuming my soul. So I quit, sold everything, and joined the Peace Corps as a Youth Development volunteer. My two years in Costa Rica reconfirmed that I feel the most fulfilled when I can use my creativity to make a positive change. Writing and illustrating children's books is my most recent endeavor to make an impact - aside from teaching my girls not to eat leaves in our backyard.
No matter how much I resist, most of my stories lead back to a central theme - self confidence. I hope to spark joy and curiosity with my quirky, charming, curious characters.
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